Time to Revamp

Hello friends!

I hope vacations, sunbathing, and all things summer are treating you well!  I know I haven’t been blogging too much this summer, but like everyone else, I have been taking a bit of a hiatus from all of the organizing to enjoy my summer break.  I realize that when life gets busy it can be hard to stick to any routine, so until Labor Day, I will be touching base a few times a week with mini tips and tricks to help you organize your OM!  It is hard to believe it is almost August and before we know our precious summer will be over!  Have no fear, we are going to take advantage of it for as long as we can!

So, my first tip for you has to do with taking advantage of our summer…..now remember, I am no professional, I am just passing along tips and tricks I have read, learned, etc.  If you are trying any new type of regimen (physical, dietary, etc) make sure to consult a licensed doctor to make sure the tips/tricks are right for you!

In today’s world, skin safety in the sun is a major concern for many (including freckle-faced me!).  I recently read an article though that took me by surprise.  This article stated that in order to get the daily recommended dose of Vitamin D your skin needs from the sun, you should spend 10-15 mins in the sun WITHOUT sunscreen.  The “without sunscreen” part is what took me most by surprise.  We always here that we should put sunscreen on before going out, no matter how long.  Looks like it is good to go out without some sunscreen to soak up a few rays.  Healthy levels of vitamin D are great for our bones and our mood!  So talk a walk around the block, water your flowers, read a magazine, etc.  Go out and get yourself a little dose of vitamin D today!




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