How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hello friends!  I know it has been awhile, but I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!  So much has been happening on my end and I have also been working on ways to revamp my fabu blog!

As for my summer in a nutshell…..I got a job, turned 30, was diagnosed with plantar faciatis, wiped out on cement stairs, celebrated milestones with friends,  put our townhouse up for sale, and is looking forward to 2 fabulous trips over the next couple weeks!  Oh, and we planted a garden!


Seriously, this summer has been amazing.  I am officially a full-time 2nd grade teacher and will be working in the district I substituted in all year.  I am thrilled, blessed, and in love with the dollar bin section at Target!  Turning 30 was a wonderful celebration with my family and friends…..the injuries, not so awesome, but with the help of my husband we came up with an awesome “How did you get hurt?” story.  Upon reading that, it may look a bit shady that my hubster is helping me with cover stories, but for all the years I was a dancer, I am the clumsiest person ever!  The story we came up with was that I was in a roller derby accident……you should see how impressed people are when I say that!  I am not the toughest looking person, so the derby thing totally takes them by surprise.  Now, I am sure you are saying to yourself, “well if you are going to use that as a story, you should probably have a roller derby nickname!”  Have no fear my friends, yours truly goes by the name EMD, Elbows of Mass Destruction…..for the record, my bony elbows can seriously hurt someone and are not to be messed with!!

One of things I am most proud of this summer (obviously aside from getting a job) is the garden that my hubster and I planted.  Living in the city, there really is not a lot of land for gardening, but an empty plot of land across the street from us was donated to us by the city for a neighborhood garden project.  We were so lucky to get a plot and we have LOVED taking care of our plants.  It makes us really excited to have our own backyard one day because there is nothing better than home grown veggies!! We have really gotten in to the whole gardening game and have been learning a lot from some of our more seasoned neighbor gardeners.  We started off small this year since we are new to this.  We chose to grow tomatoes (cherry and early girl), cucumbers, jalapenos, rosemary, basil, and Greek oregano.  So far we have eaten several cherry tomatoes (DELISH!!), 1 early girl, 3 cucumbers, and the hubster had one of our jalapenos today.  It has been so much fun cooking with our very own produce!  Once our larger tomatoes start to ripen we are going to make our own pasta sauce and salsa!!  Here are some pictures of our summer project!!

Our Garden Plot!

Early Girl tomatoes, almost ready!!


1 of 3 cucumbers growing right now!

I hope you are all having a great summer and doing things that you love and relax your OM!  Next Sunday, I will debut some of the new things I am working on for this blog!




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