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6 Month Check-Up

Hello friends!

These past several weeks have been insane, but wonderful!  I just finished teaching for the summer and I was working my second job at the bar when the Blackhawks won!  The bar I work at, The Fifty/50 is an official Hawks bar so you can only imagine the wonderful madness that ensued this week!  Congrats to the Blackhawks, Chicago is so darn proud of you boys!

I cannot believe we are 6 months into the year!  We have done so much and I wanted to take this time to check in with everyone to see how things are going.  I wanted to see what has worked, what hasn’t, what we may need to revisit, etc.  The thing about organizing our homes and our OM’s is that it is an ongoing process.  It is something we have to stay on top of or else we will end up back at square one.

As I check-in on myself I have realized that I am still struggling with maintaining a laundry schedule.  Now that I have the summer off, it is truly time for me to focus on maintaining a schedule.  That way when school starts up again in the fall, I will have already established a routine that will be much easier for me to maintain.

I have also been so proud of myself for trying several new things whether it be cooking, cleaning, or gardening (that is the topic of Sunday’s blog so I will save the details for later). Some have been successful, others, epic fails.  The important thing is that I tried something new!

I am also focusing on a major health overhaul this summer.  Not only have I cut out all greasy fast food, but Jeremy and I have decided that when we go out to eat, there will be no fries as a side.  In order to appreciate how difficult this really is, you must try the sweet potato and waffle fries at The Fifty/50.  I am working there almost full-time this summer, so to not sneak a few will be incredibly difficult.  Thankfully their grilled asparagus is amazing as well so I have a fabulous substitute.

I also started a whole new workout today that consists of swimming and yoga.  I am thrilled that I now have time for yoga classes 3 times a week now that I am off.  On the days I am not taking yoga, I will be swimming.  I tore my hamstring 2 years ago and regardless of the physical therapy I have done, running is way too strenuous on my leg.  I picked up the latest copy of Women’s Health and they have an awesome guide to swimming.  I am starting out slowly since I haven’t swam laps since high school.  I did a half hour of freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke laps and I am feeling it already!!

This summer is a time for rejuvenation and discovery.  Don’t be afraid to change things up in your routine or try something new!  Let me know what has worked/hasn’t worked for you yet this year and we will see how we can conquer the physical and mental clutter once and for all!!  TGIF!!





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