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Try Something New!

Sunday May 16, 2010

Hello friends!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend!  I have to tell you, I’ve had one of the best weekends ever!  It was filled with fun, relaxing, cooking, cleaning, working, working out, and TRYING SOMETHING NEW!!  Yup, you guessed it (as if the title didn’t give it a way) we are going to work on our OM’s this week and all I want you to do is try something new!

Just to try to spark some inspiration for you, here is a list of “new” things I have recently done that will hopefully help you think of something new to try!

1. I took a new gym class:  I turn 30 in less than 2 months and I have recently begun a new workout regimen that will hopefully get me fabulously fit for my 30th.  This past week I took a muscle definition class and I LOVED it!  It was only 45 mins long and it incorporated a stepper, resistance band, and 2 different sized weights.  I felt the burn exactly where I hoped and wanted and I didn’t leave this class feeling like I was going to die of exhaustion.  Am I suggesting you join a gym and start taking classes?  No way!  If you already belong to a gym, look into trying a new class.  If you don’t, think about taking a nice walk after work or dinner OR change-up the walking/running path you already take… never know what amazing new thing you could discover while you are out and about.

2.  Yoga:  I am sure you may find this hard to believe, but I just recently started taking yoga!  Yes, I realize that I have a blog called, “Organize Your OM,” but I have never taken a yoga class.  I grew up dancing, but the whole yoga thing didn’t appeal to me.  How is it that I can get in shape simply by posing like a tree and a dog?  OMG (and yes, I just used the phrase OMG!!)!!!  Friends, I am believer and highly recommend taking a yoga class!  It kicked my booty!  It was awesome and it felt amazing!  It is so much more difficult than just posing!  It is incredible.  I have taken a few classes now and I have fallen in love with Ashtanga Yoga.  I did a “bridge” for the first time in about 20 years last week!  Do you remember what a bridge is?  It is a back bend that starts from a ground position and you simply just push up into the bridge.  It was so much fun.  I actually started laughing because I hadn’t done one in so long and I couldn’t believe I could still do it!  There are a variety of different types of yoga.  I felt it in all the right places and it is something that is becoming a staple in my workout routine.  If you don’t think yoga is your thing, try stretching while watching tv and give a big stretch before bed and when you wake up in the morning.

3.  Jeremy and I cooked up a storm in the kitchen this weekend!  Yesterday my hubby and I went to a fresh fish market in the city and picked up some scallops ( I LOVE scallops!!).  We knew we wanted scallops and risotto so Jeremy looked up some recipes for both via the Epicurious application on the IPad (this is a fantastic application, I highly recommend downloading it).  The recipes we chose to make were seared scallops with homemade smoked tomato butter and saffron risotto. We spent the evening with some good tunes, a glass of wine, and cooked up a storm together in the kitchen.  The food was awesome!!  Tonight when I got home from work, Jeremy was already working on dinner in the kitchen and I jumped in and together we made pork kabobs in a rosemary, orange, and honey marinade (the rosemary was from our very own herb garden) and a mushroom risotto.  It turned out great!!  Even if it hadn’t, at least we tried and we had a lot of fun together in the kitchen! Do you have to cook a huge gourmet meal?  No way….it is very rare we have the time to get this fancy!  You can simply throw something new into an old recipe that you love to try and jazz it up a bit.  You may have a dessert recipe you have been wanting to try……or, maybe there is a restaurant you have been wanting to go….Now is the time!!!

Trying something new does not imply a huge commitment.  It can be a one time thing!  The important thing is that you are trying something new.  Is there a guarantee you are going to like it? Nope.  But, you are at least trying it.  Like I said, trying something new doesn’t have to imply a huge time or personal commitment.  It can be something as simple as trying a new lip stick/gloss color.  It can be adding new accessories to an outfit this week.  It can be watching a tv show that you have never seen.  The possibilities for trying something “new” are endless!  So this week, I want you to try something new!  Have fun with it and let me know how it goes!!  Have a wonderful and safe week!!





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Hello my fellow OM’ers!!  Yes, I am aware that it has been way too long.  I am now back on the train and ready to get down to business.  I have been all over with a mix of business and pleasure.  I am currently working 2 jobs right now and it has been a little more difficult than I had anticipated, but I have gotten everything squared away now so it should be much smoother sailing from now on.  In the midst of my crazy work madness, I must admit my cleaning and organizing fell by the wayside and that led to me feeling absolutely overwhelmed by everything I had to do and therefore I could not get anything accomplished.  In steps Superman….or Super Bubba, my SUPER husband!  He may not share the same passion for cleaning and organizing I do, but he does know how happy these things make me and when they are not done that equals an unhappy wife.  While I do most of the cleaning and organizing, there are certain things that he must do like go though all of his mail and junk stuff.  I have a hard time cleaning when all of his stuff gets piled up.  He knew how stressed I was and went through all of his stuff which cleared the way for me to get down to business.  Our house, is now almost back to its fabulous self!   I have been a machine this week and being able to check “To Do” items off of my list has made me feel amazing!!

I am sharing all of this with you because like I said in the beginning, I am no expert.  I am trying to help myself and help you stay organized both physically and mentally.  I am only human and I too fall into slumps from time to time.  As much as I have beat myself up over this, I know it is normal and more importantly, it is OK!!  As I have worked on re-energizing myself I have discovered the following things:

1.  A cute pain of rubber gloves helps me enjoy cleaning and scrubbing!  I actually enjoy doing the dishes and dirty kitchen work because I have cute hot pink gloves that allow be to feel sassy while I clean.  It also protects my nails and wedding ring from getting all gross and you ladies know there is nothing worse than chipping a fresh manicure.  I highly suggest getting a fabulous pair of rubber gloves, they make all the difference!

2.  Never underestimate the power of paint!  My husband and I have recently redone our upstairs bathroom.  We don’t have the money for a full remodel, so we thought we would change it up with some paint.  Sweet Lord, it is amazing what some paint can do.  Our place is about 15 years old and the vanity and cabinets in the bathroom were an out-of-date oak color.  We freshened everything up with white paint and pained the walls a fabulous neutral taupe color from the new Martha Stewart paint collection at Home Depot…..the entire collection is amazing…..and obviously so is Martha!!  We are going to finish up the bathroom this weekend so I will be sure to post before and afters on Sunday.

Before moving on, I also must talk about the wonders of white paint.  For anyone that has white trim in their house, keep a call of white paint in the house.  For an instant fresh and updated look, touch up the white parts of your home.  Our whole home is trimmed in white so we are doing a little at a time.  I have done the stair case and ledges in our living room.  It is incredible how fresh and clean everything looks with a simple new coat of white paint!

3. Dyson vacuums may be expensive, but they are SOOOOOOOO worth it!  We have a dog and a cat.  Our cat is ancient and quite the pig.  We recently bought the Dyson Handheld Animal Vacuum and this might be one of the most incredible inventions ever!  The suction on this vacuum is amazing.  It picks up dirt and hair in hard to reach places.  Cleans off our couches beautifully.  I am telling you, this is a MUST HAVE for people with pets!!

If you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed or lacking the desire to do any cleaning or organizing, I hope this post has re-energized you!  On Sunday we are going to get in touch with our OM and I can’t wait to tell you about the newest thing I have discovered!  Have a safe and stress-free rest of your week.



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