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Let’s Do This!

Week 10

March 28, 2010

You had a week off courtesy of my honeymoon, but get ready because I am back and ready to get this party started.  First, I must get something off my chest.  When we got home from our fabulous honeymoon, we left a land of calm and tranquility to return to our disaster of a home.  My goal was to have the house all cleaned and organized before we left for our honeymoon and needless to say, I slipped and it was a mess.  One thing I keep reminding you all of is to take one project at a time so things do not seem to be overwhelming…..wlle I was WAY overwhelmed by our mess this weekend.  I actually avoided everything yesterday, but I woke up early this morning with the mess on my mind.  I decided to follow my own advice and just focus on one thing at a time.  I tidied up the kitchen first, cleaned the basement, then began to tackle our living room.  I vaccumed all the furniture, floors, dusted, broke down boxes, and loaded up the car with boxes of items to donate.  I still have a lot to accomplish this week, but I have to tell you that I feel so much better than I did this morning!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, let’s get down to business!  This week is an OM week.  We are going to work on taking care of ourselves.  To accomplish this task, we are going to turn it ALL off 30 minutes before bedtime.  To achieve this decompression time, I want you to turn off the tv, your cell phone, your computer, anything technologically stimulating 30 minutes before bedtime.  That means NO email, NO facebook, No blogs, No crime tv shows (this one really pertains to me because I am notorious for watching these shows right before I go to sleep and then I have nightmare).  Turning it all off will allow for our minds to quiet down and get our bodies ready for a peaceful transition to sleep.  During this time do something that is relaxing for you, read a book, do the crossword puzzle, write in a journal, meditate, get things ready for the next day, etc.  It is a time to turn off all that stimulates our minds and get ready to relax for the night!  Enjoy this week of relaxation because Spring Cleaning begins next Sunday!! 





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New Beginnings and Spring Anticipation!

*** I was so proud of writing this even after our crazy wedding weekend… excited that I forgot to post it and only saved it as a draft!  Better late than never!!

Hello friends!  Thank you for being so patient with me!  I know I did not post last week, but I GOT MARRIED!  We were a little busy last week.  I do apologize .  But, we are back in business and with spring just around the corner, it is time to get ready for some SERIOUS Spring cleaning!

March 15, 2010

Week 9 (technically 10)

Spring is in the air!  While I have no doubt us Chicagoans are in for another snowstorm, I am going to start prepping for spring.  This week, I want you to do the same.  While it may too early to bust out the flip-flops and shorts, we could start getting some things done.  I am hoping that we can pack away our heaviest coats, so get them ready this week for the dry cleaners.  These coats have been through a lot this winter, so don’t pack them away with all the salt, slush, and snow crusted on them.  While you are taking your heaviest winter coats to the cleaners, also take out your spring coats to the cleaners.  This way, when the weather does warm up, you will have your coats cleaned, pressed, and ready to go!  As your go through your winter and spring coats, take some time to think about donating your gently used coats to an organization such as…..

Good Will:

The Salvation Army:

Your Local Homeless Shelter:  Illinois homeless shelters —

If you have dress coats that do not fit or your do not wear, think about donating them to an organization that helps men and women get jobs.


Dress for Success: 


Please think about donating to these organizations or any organization in your area as your clean out your coat clutter!



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