15 Minute Rule!!

February 28, 2010

Week 8

Hello friends!  We are two months into Organizing our OM’s!!!  We have some big projects coming up in March and I cannot wait to get to them.  Before I get too ahead of myself, let’s focus on our OM this week.  This week I am instituting the 15 minute rule!  Is this some sort of adult time-out?  No way!  The 15 minute rule is going to help us abide by the saying, “Do not put off until tomorrow what you can get done today.”

How many times have you said to yourself, “I will just finish that up tomorrow.” or “I’ll get to it later.”  I am guilty of doing it several times a day and I am really trying to end that and finish up things and prep for other things when I can.  A way I have been working on this is with the “15 Minute Rule.”  The 15 Minute Rule can be used at any time and multiple times throughout the day if needed.  Jeremy and I have been using the 15 Minute Rule after dinner.  We are notorious for chilling on the couch after dinner instead of cleaning up and putting things away.  Somehow it never fails that food we were going to save and put away “later” gets left on the counter or stove until the next day.  It is frustrating and a waste of money!  In order to end this, we started the 15 Minute Rule.  After dinner, we spend 15 minutes cleaning and putting stuff away.  It is also a great time for me to get my lunch ready for the following day, fill the coffee maker, etc.  The 15 Minute Rule can do wonders!  It is amazing how simply taking 15 minutes to do some things around the house can help things look clean and help you gain some mental clarity and calm.

We use the 15 Minute Rule to go through bills, fold laundry, tidy up, etc.  It is amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes!  It has helped us so much and I hope it helps you!  My task for you this week is to initiate the 15 Minute Rule at least once a day for this week.  Keep track of how much you get done and how great you feel!

Have a wonderful week!





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2 responses to “15 Minute Rule!!

  1. valerie

    i 100% agree with the 15 minute rule. my vice is the not packing for the gym at night for the next day. it’s so easy and when i pack the night before for 5 min (not even 15!), then i’m able to get to the gym before work in the am and then have my entire evening free to do anything i want. i used to be a morning regular but then “got lazy” and became an evening regular. but lately have been trying to get back into the morning swing. just got to stick with it, even on days when staying in that warm bed on a cold day sounds so much better than hitting the treadmill (or in your dishes example, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the evening rather than storing the leftovers)!

  2. I am all about the 15 minute rule! I pack my lunch, school bag and lay out my work-out and school clothes the night before. It definitely makes for a less stressful morning!

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