Roll With It Baby!

February 21, 2010

Week 7

I am channeling my inner Steve Winwood and telling you all to “roll with it baby!” This has 2 meanings…, I realized that it is Wednesday evening and I have yet to write my organizing blog for the week!  Instead of stressing out about it, I am just rolling with it and writing now.  I am pretty sure you will understand.  I am 2 1/2 weeks away from getting married and we have been working on preparing all the little details that will make our day fabulous!  Meaning #2….we are going to “roll” those kitchen drawers out this week and get them organized.

Organizing is not only about making things look neat, it is also about taking the time to assess and clear out the clutter.  When I reorganized our kitchen drawers, I was able to put a whole box together for donation.  I mean, who really needs 4 spatulas?  Less is more my friends!  Unless you really need it or use it often, find it a better home :o)

When organizing your drawers make things as easily accessible as possible.  Again, storage/organizing containers from Wal-Mart, The Container Store, or Target work great for drawer organization.  If things have a designated place, you will be able to see them better and make them more efficient.

When organizing your drawers, think about grouping them by category.  We keep our stored cooking utensils in the top drawer for easy access while cooking, our measuring cups and bowls (mini bowls) in the same drawer for easy access, and in our bottom drawer we keep lots of our serving and bbq items.

Remember, organize your drawers according to your needs!!  Take time to assess what you need and what you can throw away or donate.  Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait to do some serious spring cleaning with you guys!!




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