Gut Check Time….Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!

So I think that Jeremy and I are getting over the hump of being sick. I took him to the dr. today to have a strep test and thankfully it was negative, so I have continued pumping him (and myself) full of fluids, vitamins, foods, and meds.  I appreciate your comments yesterday!  Val, you are so right, you can’t push it just to fullil what I am supposed to do.  Girlfriend, I hope you counted your swing dance class as your exercise!!  What an awesome thing to do!

Your comments got me thinking that when I said to exercise for 30 mins each day, I should have said try to be active for 30 minutes each day!  Exercise is not solely allocated to the gym, free weights, and push-ups.  It can be a brisk walk outside, scrubbing the bathroom, or taking a swing dance class.  I am not a sedentary person so being down for the count the past couple days I have had lots of time to think and I have come up with some great future Organize Your OM tasks and projects!  This blog is about to take off and I hope you will all come along with me for the journey!

I am hoping by this time tomorrow to be back to my old self.  I know I am supposed to be resting, but I HAD to do something tonight…..I did 30 push-ups and 60 reverse tricep push-up things (you know the one where you are in a crab walk position)…..I am no personal trainer so I apologize for my lack of technical terms :o)  I know I am supposed to be resting, but I have a a wedding in 1 month and 3 days!

I hope you are all having a great week.  Happy Hump Day!




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  1. Sonya

    My physical activity- shoveling the damn snow! Ugh…I’m totally over winter and ready for Spring!!! xoxo

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