Gut Check Time….Tuesday

Down for the count!

Well, I am sad to say there will be no workout for me today.  I have realized that working out while you are sick, coupled with stress does not always do a body good!  Not only do I feel lousy today, but I strained my back while shoveling snow….what, am I 80?  So sadly I had to admit defeat today and was unable to workout.  I promise to make this up.  I hope you are all trying to stay healthy this week by working on your OM!





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2 responses to “Gut Check Time….Tuesday

  1. Meghan

    Hope you feel better soon! Sorry to hear about your back…ouch!!!

  2. Val

    Skipping a day (or two) doesn’t matter as long as you are focusing on keeping yourself healthy for the long term.

    I could not work out on Monday because of a swing dance class and then Tuesday night I went to the Blackhawks game. So I’ll be back at the gym tonight to kick some butt. And while I get frustrated when I don’t get a workout in for a couple of days in a row, I have to push the frustration aside because I know will be back at the gym pushing myself harder the next day.

    Feel better soon and then get back to those workouts!

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