Gut Check Time….Monday!

Happy Monday my friends!  I hope you have all had a nice start to your week.  I have spent my day taking care of my sick hubby-to-be.  We have both come down with lousy colds, but he is faring much worse than I am.  There have been lots of soups and fluids consumed today!  As I mentioned yesterday, NO cold was going to stop me this week from working on my OM!  As promised, here is what I did for my 30 mins of exercise today.  How are you doing?  Keep me posted!  Stay positive, you can do this!!

Monday Gut Check Time!

5 mins of stretching: You should never go into a workout cold!  Always warm those muscles with some light cardio or stretching.

Sumo Squats: Using a 10lb dumbbell, I do 10 squats.  I begin with my arms raised over my head and as I squat down I lower the dumbbell in between my legs.  As I straighten up, I raise the dumbbell over my head.  Complete 3 sets

Super Squats with Dumbbell: Doing low mini squats I hold the dumbbell at chest level while I pulse 10 times.  Complete 3 sets.

Booty Workout:  Using the floor I complete 3 sets of the following exercises:

Leg Pulse to the ceiling:  Use a mat or something soft and place your hands and knees on the floor.  Raise your right foot to the ceiling (heel to the ceiling) and bring it back down to start position without resting it on the floor.  Repeat 10 times and then switch legs.  Complete 3 full sets.

Leg extension:  This exercise works the outer thigh/saddle bag area.  Again on all 4’s, raise your right knee out to a 90 degree angle and then extend your leg out to the side.  Bend your knee back in and return your leg to beginning position.  Repeat 10 times and then switch sides.  Complete 3 full sets. This exercise really burns so do NOT FORGET to breathe!!

Tricep work: Position your body into a crab-walk position with your fingers facing your booty.  Pulse up and down without letting your booty touch the ground.  Pulse 30 times.

Bicep work: Using 10 lb dumbbells, I did 3 sets of 20 arms curls (10 on each arm)

Shoulder work: Holding  a 10 lb dumbbell in each hand, I do 15 shoulder shrugs.  Repeat 3 times

Bicep work: Instead of a regular bicep curl, I hold my arms at my sides and bring the dumbbell up to my shoulder.  The flat outside of the dumbbell should touch your shoulder.

5 mins of stretching.

I tend to focus only on 1 or 2 muscle groups in my workouts, but today I did a little bit of everything.  Tomorrow I will have a longer workout that focuses on cardio, tricep, chest muscles.

I hope you have found the time to focus on your OM tonight!  Sweet dreams!




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