It’s Gut Check Time!!

Sunday February 7, 2010

Week 6

Hello my friends!  I am sure many of you are returning home from Superbowl festivities.  If you are anything like myself, you ate entirely way too much!!  I have issues with saying NO to food, even when I am not hungry.  I have been doing much better curbing my desire to eat when I am bored, but sometimes I need to work on just saying NO!  Seriously though, the chocolate strawberry cake was impossible for me to turn down….still, I should have said NO!

This got me thinking about the upcoming week and how it is time for us to Focus on Our OM!  There will be NO slacking this week my friends.  This week, I am requiring that you workout for at least 30 minutes every day!!!  I know, I know, I just said every day and you have a super slammed week and really there is NO time to fit in 30 minutes of exercise.  I say BOLOGNA!!  We make time each and every day to do multiple things for others, yet we often forget to think about what we need.  There will be NO excuses this week my friends!  YOU and I will all be dedicating at least 30 minutes each day for exercise.  This is not only good for the body (and let’s be honest, I mostly workout for vanity reasons), but exercise is also fabulous for our OM!  WE are going to do it! I am holding you to an honesty policy and would even LOVE for you to send a daily report back to me with what you have accomplished!  I will be posting a daily recap of my activities for you to read as well.

Does this mean you have to go to the gym and use all sorts of fancy equipment?  Heck NO!  You can exercise in the comfort of your own home while watching a mindless reality tv show!  You can use a chair, mat, whatever is lying around the house to help you exercise.  You can take a 30 minute walk to get fresh air.  You can dance around your bedroom for 30 minutes to the radio.  I just want you to get moving this week!

Now remember, when we get moving, we must remember to keep our bodies hydrated and nourished so we do not get sick or run down.  I am suffering right now from not eating enough fruits and veggies this past week and I have come down with a cold, but sneezing my head off and a runny nose will not stop me from taking care of my OM this week!

I encourage you to all take this challenge with me.  Each day we take care of many others wants and needs, we deserve 30 minutes to take care of ourselves.  Here’s to a happy and healthy week!  I will post my workout for you to see tomorrow.  I can’t wait to hear from you!




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