Getting Down to Business

January 24, 2010

Week 4

Hello friends! Can you believe it, this is week 4 of Organize Your OM! I just want to say, YEAH FOR YOU!!! It is hard to believe this is week 4 already! I truly believe the key to keeping a resolution and achieving a goal is to take it one step at a time and not overwhelm yourself with something too difficult right away. Now that you have the idea of what we will be doing this year, I hope the fear and anxiety has subsided and you are feeling a little more calmer and organized this month! Last week we focused on our OM so this week it is back to work!! I really hope that all of you are establishing a Sunday night ritual. Obviously it does not have to be the same thing every week, but make sure to take some time to do something you enjoy on Sunday evening so you have a bright and positive outlook on the week ahead, even if it is going to be a challenging one. I am a big fan of the Sunday spa night because I get to scrub away the previous week and start over with the week ahead. Speaking of scrubs, I LOVE my sugar body scrub from Ulta. A little bit goes a long way and it makes my skin so soft and smooth.

Now let’s get down to business! This week’s task is to tackle your junk drawers, bathroom drawers/cabinets, and medicine storage. I have chosen to group these items together because we tend to let things pile up in these areas and it is good to purge and declutter things that may have gotten jammed in the back of a drawer.

Let’s start with the infamous junk drawer. We all have one (maybe more). These drawers are a catch-all for the necessary and often unnecessary in life. There aren’t too many places where you can find batteries, coupons, gum, and playing cards in the same space. The junk drawer is a great place to start our organization for the week. Knowing you have one “go to” drawer in the house can make things much easier. All of my organization this week is going to use drawer organizers and/or additional shelving storage. I will also be paying homage to one of my favorite stores this week, The Container Store! The Container Store is my Nirvana. I actually get giddy when I walk in the doors! The drawer storage items are sold individually so you can mix-and-match according to your needs. Check out this link:

There are many sizes, colors, and styles to fit your decor and budget. I am going to show you how I have used them in my home. Our junk drawer is in thee kitchen and we keep everything from pens, markers, parking passes, batteries, gum, playing cards, etc. in this drawer. It could very easily be a mess, the organizing things makes everything easier to find and much more accessible.  Below is a photo of how I have chosen to organize our junk drawer.  You will see, it is not perfect, that is not what this is about.  It is about organizing what we have in a way that is useful for us!  Perfection is so passe!  If you spend your life striving for perfection you will never be happy.  Like I have mentioned before, I tell my students, Practice Makes Progress!  Progress to me is about bettering myself and what is around me.  We can always make progress!

You will notice that I have chosen to use some drawer organizers from The Container Store to divide the drawer up into several useful areas.  We have storage for our pens, tape, chip clips, flashlight, etc.  We have a lot of stuff in our junk drawer, but the organization makes it much easier for us to find what we need!  Now, on to the bathroom!!

We have three drawers in our bathroom.  The top drawer is for our most common items; toothpaste, floss, glasses, contact case, ring holder, etc.  Our second drawer is for all of my lotions, potions, and whatnot.  The bottom drawer is used for my hair accessories.  What I learned organizing all of this is that I own WAY TOO MANY ponytail holders!  They are officially on my list of things I am no longer allowed to buy!  I used many of the same drawer organizers that I used in the kitchen in our bathroom.  I was also able to use small squared organizers to hold my many ponytail holders!

Now if you are thinking to yourself, if Danielle has all of the drawers for herself, where does her fantastic  husband-to-be put his things?  Have no fear, we have a storage cabinet above the toilet so he has plenty of room for all of his manly grooming products.  As I now move on to cabinet storage, you will also notice it seems to be only for my stuff.  We have double sinks, so I am just showing one set of cabinets!

I am a HUGE fan of extra shelf storage.  Being able to easily grab things on two levels versus one really help when organizing.  Also, if you try to group items by use that also helps because you will always know where to look for something.  I keep my body lotions in one area, my hairspray in another, and my feminine products in another….yes I have no shame and ladies, you all know we need a place to store these things so don’t be embarrassed!  In our linen closet I have also created a shelf for medicines, sunscreens, and first-aid items.  These are also grouped by category making it easy to rummage through in the middle of the night.  We also have a lot of friends who live out-of-town, so when they come and stay with us, they can easily find what they are looking for.

Well my friends, there you have it….your task for the week!  I wish you a stress-free week and happy organizing!  As always, let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or things you would like to see tackled in a future post.





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2 responses to “Getting Down to Business

  1. Mrs. P :)

    GF-you’re not the only one with too many ponytail holders…I love your little containers! I need to see if I can find some nice little bowls like that too-maybe I’ll look at bed bath and beyond (it’s the closest thing I have to the container store) Love you!

    • Sonya, have no fear if you do not have a Container Store near you. You can find these storage container in almost any home office section of a store. I also own some from Staples, you canalso check out Office Max, Walmart, and Target as well for the containers!

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