Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Week 2

January 10, 2010

Hello all!  I hope your first full week of 2010 was wonderful.  How was week 1 of getting organized?  Not too bad right?  I told you I would ease you into this and not overwhelm you.  Did you complete you task list for the week?  Are you gearing up for week 2 of your Sunday night relaxation ritual? It is time to get this party started so here is your first “official” Organize Your OM assignment……MAIL!


Mail can be a wonderful thing!  It makes my day to get a new magazine or card from a friend.  But, mail can also put you in a foul mood with the amount of junk, junk, and MORE JUNK that comes in the mail.  I guarantee if you did an experiment this week you would find that the majority of the mail most of us receive in one week is junk mail.  It drives me crazy!  If you feel the same way about junk mail that I do, get excited because I am about to rock your world 🙂  YOU can put an end to your junk mail!!

Follow these simple steps to eliminate the amount of junk mail you receive at your home:

* The website, has a very informative section on how to reduce your junk mail.  If you click on the following link and follow the steps listed on the page, you can significantly decrease and possibly eliminate the junk mail your receive.

I am giving you this task as an assignment for this week because it can take a little while to get through all of the necessary steps.  Here are some other things to work on this week as well in regards to organizing your mail:

1. Purchase a shredder! Since the goal is to go through your mail on a daily basis, you do not need a huge shredder.  I purchased a compact model from Staples called the MAILMATE.  It works perfectly for light shredding because it’s compact and the container has an easy grip handle for emptying out the paper once you have completed your shredding.  Keep in mind, shredding a lot of material can get messy, so try and do your shredding near a garbage can.

2. Establish a mail organization system. Whether you are the type of person who likes bins, wall units, drawers, or folders, establish a system for sorting your mail into piles; bills, his/hers/ours, junk(recycle).  This way if you are too busy on a particular day to go through the mail, at least it is not piling up in a heap on the coffee table or counter.  Make sure to determine whether something can be thrown out, recycled, or needs to be shredded.

3. Think about going paperless. People can be very divided on the idea of paying bills online.  Personally, I love it.  It is quick, convenient, and there is no unnecessary paper, postage, etc. This week, look into what bills you have and which of those you can begin to pay online (if you do not already).  If you already pay your bills online, make sure you are still not receiving paper copies.  If you are worried about going paperless because you are afraid you will forget to pay the bill, NO WORRIES!  See if you can set up an automatic payment method for the bills you are paying and if that is not an option, set a reminder on your computer, phone, calendar, etc. to remind yourself of when a particular bill is due.

Well my friends, that is your new task for the week, tackle your mail!  Now remember, just because we are starting a new task this week does not mean that what we did last week is over.  This is a NEW task IN ADDITION to what you started last week.  This week you will continue with your Sunday Relaxation Ritual, you will continue to follow the task list you created last week, and you will also work on your mail task as well.  Do not let the addition of something new overwhelm you.  Remember, we are creating a new schedule that needs practice and patience.  In my professional career, I am a teacher and I tell my students that “practice makes progress!”  We are not looking to achieve perfection.  Organizing is in no way about being perfect, it is about establishing a system that provides a clean and organized atmosphere for your home and your OM!  For each of you, this system will be slightly different and that is okay!  The best thing I can ask for is that you try everything I put out there and tweak it so it fits your life and lifestyle.  I wish you a wonderful week.  As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I will touch base with you later this week to see how things are going!




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  1. I signed up for the DMA choice website. I recently bought a shredder as well and I am in LOVE! Great tips!

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