How is your week going?

Hello friends!

Now that we have reached hump day, I wanted to check in and see how your week is going.  Did you make your task list?  Did you start a Sunday relaxation routine?  Are you loving the idea of organizing your life in 2010?!?!?  I have been a very busy girl this week.  As I mentioned in my first post, I am no expert, I learn by doing.  Well, let me tell you how much I have learned this week!  Before I “assign” a task for you to complete, I try it out myself.  This way, I am able to see what works and what needs to be tweaked.  It has been a lot of work, but the results are definitely worth it!  I wanted to share with you my task lists I created…..just so you see I REALLY AM doing this too!  In true Danielle fashion, I have a couple of task sheets; 1 is for the weekly tasks I need to complete such as laundry and dusting. The 2nd list is for the little things that come up that I need to complete such as appointments, emails to send, etc.  I also bought a fabulous hot pink planner that has a monthly and weekly planner section so I can stay organized on the go!

Here are monthly and weekly task lists!

I hope you are all having a wonderfully organized week and are trying to stay as warm as possible!  Talk to you soon!





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4 responses to “How is your week going?

  1. Val

    i did create a task list, however it is nowhere near as neat as yours. mine is close to a crumpled up piece of scrap paper with some other doodlings on it. however the list has worked and i have been getting much accomplished over my lunch breaks and at night. yea to the new task list (or crumpled up piece of paper)!

  2. Colin

    I’m staying nice and warm in the 60’s out here, how are you? You’d be very proud of my calendar, in fact, I dare say you may even be a little jealous. I’ll bring it home next weekend for you to see. Cant wait to see everyone!

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